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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Earn $1000's Daily

Just wanted to let you know of some of the programs I have used to boast my income. Earn 1000s of extra money by usingseveral different streams of possible income Here's another one. Started this program a few months ago, immediate results. You've heard the expression "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Well, this is exactly what is meant. Don't limit yourself to just Google Ads or affiliates. Broaden your horizon. I did and I am glad I did. Try it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Casino Winning

Just had an acqaintance return from a trip to Las Vegas, Golden Nuggett. They won over $36,000 during their weeks long trip staying and gambling at the Golden Nugget. Not just once but 4+ times they won on the $1 slot machines. Twice on the same machine for $4,000 each time. Wheather they decide to play the slots or th blackjack tables, they always come home winners. If you're going to visit Las Vegas it is worth the effort to do a little research. Check out Casino Mind Power Secrets
Had a brief conversation with them the other night and they advise doing your homework prior to arriving in Las Vegas. If you don't, your chances of winning will be much lower than if you did a little research before you arrived. They suggested doing a little reading on the subject and check out some of the programs around. Another program is The Complete Blackjack Center they found to be rather helpful.
Don't sell yourself short. Educate yourself before you leave for your vacation in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Home Equity Line Purchases Homes

Rehabilitation of homes has become a lucrative business. The past few years, my husband and I have used our home equity line to purchase homes that were being repossessed by the lending institutions. Rehabing the homes turned into a hobby for a couple of months during the year. Home equity lines of credit gave us the ability to purchase the home free and clear, rehab the necessary parts of the home, and get it into shape to list back on the open real estate market. How lucrative is it? Well, it has given us the funds necessary to save extra money for college educations and also add a little to our retirement. Try it, it is well worth it!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Vacation Around the Corner

Well, just heard that the area I live, Ohio is under a storm watch, 5-9 inches of snow coming tonight. UGH! That just reminds me that vacation time is just around the corner. All-inclusive, white sand, 85 degree weather. Oh, baby, the only way to go all-inclusive 3-5 days vacation. The only kind I take and they are relaxing and fun. Well, ok, if you feel like just staying home and surfing (the net that is) check out the following sites Recipes On The Go, has some great recipes for the holiday season. In addition to some great recipes, check out Money Made EZ. This site give you lots of opportunities to earn money in the comfort of your home. Entries are added daily. And, if you're sitting at the computer all day, check out No Cost MP3 Music for some great free MP3 Christmas downloads. Have fun, and plan those vacations.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Great Food Recipes

Do you ever get tired of cooking the same meals over and over? Check out Recipes On The Go. This is another great food recipe site. I have been trying to add a recipe a day for the last month or so. In the future, I am going to add slow cooker recipes otherwise known as crockpot recipes and some really good chocolate chip cookie recipes. With the holidays coming, it will be fun to try some of these really good recipes. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

MP3 Players

Had the great opportunity of shopping for the MP3 players and accesories this weekend. Sure they're going to be a hot item and the insurance for a happy holiday is to purchase early. The one we purchased was the iPod Mini. Don't forget, when you're dealing with children it's best to get them something a little bigger rather than the smallest.... mini vs. nano.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

XBox Mania

I happen to pick up this mornings newspaper, XBox mania. The XBox is now available in stores. I can't remember when people actually packed a sleeping bag and lined up outside the local Wal-Mart at midnight two days before a new item hit the market! Oh, maybe I do. Cabbage Patch dolls, back in the 80's. What a frenzy! The stores most likely will only get oh, let's say, a dozen and a half or so units to sell. Is that fair to the consumer? Especially, a month before the holidays? Come on where is the marketing ploy in that one. You mean to tell me that these huge corporations can't plan any better than that. You won't find me standing in line for anything. Happy Holidays. (P.S. Shopping online is so much easier!) Check out my other sites.
Please come visit Recipes On The Go, Greeting Cards Central and No Cost MP3 Music. Please visit often.