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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Vacation Around the Corner

Well, just heard that the area I live, Ohio is under a storm watch, 5-9 inches of snow coming tonight. UGH! That just reminds me that vacation time is just around the corner. All-inclusive, white sand, 85 degree weather. Oh, baby, the only way to go all-inclusive 3-5 days vacation. The only kind I take and they are relaxing and fun. Well, ok, if you feel like just staying home and surfing (the net that is) check out the following sites Recipes On The Go, has some great recipes for the holiday season. In addition to some great recipes, check out Money Made EZ. This site give you lots of opportunities to earn money in the comfort of your home. Entries are added daily. And, if you're sitting at the computer all day, check out No Cost MP3 Music for some great free MP3 Christmas downloads. Have fun, and plan those vacations.


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